David M. Smith stands at the intersection of creativity and sportsmanship as the Athletics Graphic Designer at Jacksonville State University. With a Masters in Sport Management and a Bachelor's in Graphic Design from Troy University, David brings a unique blend of artistic talent and sports industry expertise to his role. David's journey into the world of design began with a passion for visual storytelling, nurtured during his undergraduate years at Troy University. Fueled by his love for both art and athletics, David seamlessly merged his interests by pursuing a career that allowed him to combine his two passions.
After completing his Bachelor's degree, David didn't just stop at mastering design; he delved deeper into the realm of sports management, recognizing the profound impact design has within the sports industry. His pursuit of knowledge led him to obtain a Master's degree, it equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics within the sports business landscape. David found the perfect platform to channel his expertise and creativity towards enhancing the visual representation. Starting out in 2019 as the Director of Creative services with Troy University Athletics and then moving to Jacksonville State University as their Athletics Graphic Designer 2022.
In his role, David is responsible for crafting dynamic visuals that capture the essence and energy of Jax State sports teams. From designing striking game-day posters to producing captivating digital content for social media campaigns, David's designs not only elevate the university's athletic brand but also rally support and enthusiasm from fans and supporters alike. Beyond his design work, David is also a dedicated educator, having taught introductory classes for graphic design. His commitment to nurturing the next generation of designers reflects his belief in the power of mentorship and knowledge sharing.
With over 11 years of experience in the field, David brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to every project he undertakes. His ability to seamlessly blend artistry with athletics has earned him accolades and recognition within both the design and sports communities. Outside of his professional endeavors, David remains an avid sports enthusiast, finding inspiration in the spirit of competition and teamwork. He continues to leave an indelible mark on the intersection of art and athletics.
David's work has been featured in magazines/books, billboards, social media account such as Posterswag, Skullsparks and Sleeper Creative. He also has over six year experience in branding/licensing and  five years in screenprinting/embroidary.
Clients: FBS and FCS Bowl Games; Camellia bowl, Myrtle Beach Bowl, FCS Kickoff, HBCU Red Tails Classic.
One unique trait about David is that he was born missing half his right arm. He doesn't let his disability define who he is, but only to enhance who he wants to be in life.
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